Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Prioritising risks to ensure better protection

What is VAPT?

Penetration testing, or colloquially referred to as pen testing/ethical hacking, is a simulated cyber attack where professional ethical hackers break into corporate networks to find vulnerabilities before hackers with malicious intent do.Usually identified as flaws in operating systems, services and applications, these vulnerabilities may impact the efficacy of an organisation’s network defence mechanism negatively, resulting in undesirable consequences.

What Are You Testing For?
To err is human, but this is one error which organisations cannot afford to commit.

Hackers will capitalise and exploit on errors made from incorrect coding practices and misconfiguration. Having a third-party run a penetration test avoids conflict of interest situations, resulting in an unbiased outcome.

Assessing for Vulnerabilities


Keeping Cyber Attacks at Bay

Gathering information about the systems before the vulnerability assessment identifies the intensity of a vulnerability.


Initial Assessment

Effective for the identification of the cyber-attacks and preventing them from affecting your business network. The possible cyber-attack could cause your business get bankrupt to force it to shut down.


Getting the Best out of Your Cyber Security Programme

Investing a huge amount on IT products and not testing for vulnerabilities will soon render your defence programme as pointless. Continuous security improvement requires regular testing for loopholes in preventing attacks and data leakages.

Reasons to Invest in Penetration Testing


increase in security breaches from 2018

– Accenture


of cyber attacks target small businesses



of customers won’t go back to a breached organisation.

-Security Boulevard

About Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

The frequency depends on your pentesting provider and how risky the technology is. A mistake most companies make is conducting this test on an annual basis.’s comprehensive analysis helps in navigating through the complexity of VAPT and incorporating best practices.

Penetration testing pinpoints directly to the weaknesses within an infrastructure(from human negligence to networking systems), providing you with an accurate diagnosis and permitting IT management and security experts to arrange remediation efforts.This helps organisations avoid data incidents that may put their reputation and reliability at stake.

You. Any entity that relies on IT should have their system security tested regularly and update their security features to prevent the negative effect of system downtime and malicious hacking.



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