smart contracts

Ensure the safety and functionality of your contract

What is a Smart Contract Audit?

At AntiHack.me, Smart Contracts audits are performed by elite White-hat hackers in according to an internal methodology that analyses the functionality and the impenetrability of the smart contract. Basic security audits consist of, but not limited to, code base audit, automated tools security audit, vetting of the Smart Contract terms and functionality and all other forms of neccessary checks that are essential to identify known vulnerabilities etc.

Who needs a Smart Contract Audit?

Smart Contracts

Owners & Managers
of ICO Startups

Product Owners
of Decentralized Apps

Anyone Who Wants To
Gain the Trust of Stakeholders
& Investors

Why AntiHack.me?

  • Securing smart contracts is a multi-step process. Your smart contract is verified against our library of known issues that we have seen come up in dozens of reviews.
  • Put your contract in front of the largest Ethereum expert community (Solidity Auditors and Bounty Hunters) for a thorough review of your code.
  • We then perform a 1:1 audit with multiple highly competent experts.

Audit my Smart Contract