Privacy Data Protection

Get greater control of your data privacy

What can the Privacy Data Protection do?

As the name suggests, it protects the privacy of sensitive information. Being
protected from incoming threats or attacks does not ensure your full protection.
Attacks from the inside can cause even greater damage to your organisation and

As organizations are making the shift
of using cloud storages and employ
remote workers and 3rd parties using
zero trust devices, data visibility and
control can be lost.’s Privacy Data Protection utilises
unique low footprint technology which enables
employees, contractors and business partners to
securely use corporate data taken from any
application or data source, regardless of the
origin of the channel.


Privacy Data Protection enables employees,contractors
and business partners to securely use corporate data
taken from any application on any zero devices.



contents of the device by
scanning for risks


of the overview map for the content depository within
the organisation for storage and file activity monitoring.


making becomes swift and easy in customising protection measures for the data.



of unauthorised action through encryption,“kill pill”, archiving and more.

Percentage of organisations who have experienced data breaches due
to negligent or malicious employees


experienced a breach in their organisation over the last two years

– Imprima

1 in 4

APAC firms unsure if they experienced a data breach

– ZD Net


of companies allow all employees access to more than 1,000 sensitive files.

– Varonis

Prevent Unauthorised Actions With
Privacy Data Protection

Many endpoints are mixed-use and have a mix of corporate data and other data (such as personal and other organisations’ data). Unlike DLP, the solution tracks corporate data separately – from its source (cloud, intranet or application) and throughout its lifecycle, ensuring that data is not only protected, but with the private contents only made available to authorised personnel.

AES 256 encryption secures the data while it is stored on the endpoint. Full tracking can be used to demonstrate compliance with various regulation, and provide for safe harbor in case the laptop is lost or stolen.

Protecting the privacy of your company data is not just important, it is good business practice – In being able to show how data is being tracked and protected to regulators and auditors, the Privacy Data Protection solution shows the which devices have sensitive data, ranked by risk, and how is that data being used.



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