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Cyber Security Today - Data Privacy & Risk Management

Course Introduction

In this digital age, we have a Fiduciary Duty to learn and understand the management of risks especially in the areas of Data Privacy and Security. It affects all organizations whether Big or Small. Even with the most expensive protection suite, humans are still the weakest link and failure to ensure proper awareness and education on basic cyber threats and practices is often the downfall of at any workplace.

There are several reasons for spending money, time and effort on Data Privacy and Security. The primary one is minimizing Financial Loss, followed by compliance with regulatory requirements, maintaining high levels of productivity and meeting customer expectations. Another important business driver for data protection is the recent spate of Regulations. Governments globally have begun imposing newer and stricter regulations on electronic communications and stored data. Businesses face dire consequence for noncompliance. Finally, the Loss of Productivity because of a data breach is another matter companies especially SMEs can’t afford to waste resources on.

Workshop Objectives

  • Learn and understand the importance of Privacy and Security and the Challenges faced by today’s business
  • Identify the various types of malware and attack vectors
  • Know and implement best practices against prevalent phishing and ransomware attacks
  • Build a firm cyber security foundation and understand the International framework for managing Privacy and Security
  • Develop, Implement, Sustain and Respond in event of Security Breach or Data Leakage or Theft

Key Takeaways

  • Immediate implementable cyber hygiene tools and practices for the workplace
  • Privacy and Security Infographics and Templates
  • Methodology – How to Audit the Privacy and Security of your Business
  • Ten (10) pertinent questions that any employee needs to ASK the Company Management Team with regards to management of Data Privacy and Security

Program Outline

  • Understanding of key concepts in the world of Privacy and Security
  • Deliberation of framework and strategies in the space of Privacy and Security
  • Prevention and Detection controls to reduce the occurrence of Security Breach or Data Leakage or Theft

Course Information


On Demand


To be Advised


3 Days


9am to 6pm ( hours including 1 hour lunch break and 2 tea-breaks of 20 minutes. 30 minutes Questions and Answers and 30 minutes for Competency Assessment )


Singapore Dollars 2450 (before GST) per participant

First 20pax will receive a scholarship.

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