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What is Email Spoofing

Email Spoofing is the forgery of an email header, misleading the recipient to believe
that the email is from a legitimate source.

Spoofing is so easy!

It is both surprising and scary to know that
spoofing email addresses is that easy. While we
are used to distinguishing spams from authentic
emails, data thieves have now smartened up in
replicating email headers.

Check Your Email Now !

Actions that may be putting your data at risk.


Not Who You Think It Is

Hackers can masquerade as someone who you know personally, and convince you to disclose personal and financial details which are private in nature.


Before You Click

Clicking on links or opening attachments of unsolicited emails may just result in a gateway for hackers breach your data.


Logging In to Danger

URLs in your email which will direct you to login pages are not always for verification purposes. Hackers will usually set up this trap to gain access to your data.

Fact Attacks about Cyber Breaches

9 out of 10

organisations are vulnerable to email spoofing and scams.




of companies experienced a third party breach.

-Business Wire



of people globally can’t correctly identify a sophisticated phishing email.


The DMARC is an email authentication programme that provides protection to domain owners from unauthorised use.

Due to its complexity, many companies choose not to deploy it. But our security researcher have understood the configurations well enough to know that DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) & Sender Policy Framework (SPF) protocols which are widely adopted, just aren’t enough to stop email spoofing.

Enabling DMARC, SPF and DKIM is the best practice in protecting your outbound emails, which in turn, improves customer confidence in your brand.



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