Protect Yourself from Biting the Bait

An Anti-phishing service is a technological service that helps prevent unauthorized
access to classified information. With’s Anti-Phishing services, your
sensitive and confidential data is protected from breaches.

What You Need to Know About

As the number of impersonation attacks continue to rise, companies have resorted to phishing protection to
defend against a broad
range of advanced targeted attacks.
Phishing scams have become increasingly
sophisticated, tricking users into sharing
sensitive information, divulging credentials and
even to the extent of ransomware.

Assessing for Vulnerabilities



Foregoes standard email body scans, bypassing links which trigger folders to download the malware virus.


Password Harvesting

Impersonated emails containing spoofed login pages will deceive victims to reveal information such as passwords and payment details.


Spear Phishing

High-level executives are the main targets in duping them to open malicious links or attachments.

Phishy Information


of ransomware involved social actions,such as phishing.



of cyber-espionage actions within the public sector involved phishing.




of all spear-phishing e-mail was directed at an organization in the financial industry.


How Not to Bite the Bait

As authentic as it may look, here is how to check for its legitimacy. Do not click on the the link.Just hover your mouse pointer over it. The URL will display and you may see where it actually wants to take you. If the actual URL does not match the text of the link in the email do not click it.

If the email directs malware to your computer, it is a long and tedious process to restore it to pre-clicked condition. This involves the removal of your computer from the network, until it has been cleaned, as compromised computers may infect other computers on the network.

Our full-on approach in penetration testing simulates attacks on your company to reveal all vulnerabilities and generate comprehensive reports.We also believe in educating your staff on how to spot phishing attempts with a simulated phishing attack.



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